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     Ankang - Shuanglong International Ecological Tourism Zone, to deconstruct the Dragon legend, experience Dragon Charm, pursuit of national level scenic spots as the theme of the Chinese dragon root. The scenic spot is located in Ankang City Hanbin District Shuanglong Town, the total planning area of about 12 square kilometers, 56 kilometers away from the Ankang city area. The whole area to 5.6 km travel link, throughout the Longtan gap, Xianglong Valley, a swimming Dragon Waterfall, Qinglong village, jade palace and other major tourist scenic spots...
Not to pocket the money one has picked up
Xi'an magnificently tour pal elderly mountaineerin
Group 91 anniversary celebration party and outstan
Group Chairman, general manager Zheng Zong to the
Season series 2014 China beautiful autumn grand op
News Center Hanbin District Propaganda Department
The sweat for the scenic construction builders
Long Tanxia
Bi Xi
Xiu Xiting
Bu Dao
Xiang Longgu
Jian Longqiao
Long Xitai
Xiang Longgu
Xiang Longgu
Zhu QiTai
Xiang Longgu
Fei Long Qiao
Xiang Longgu
Xiang Longgu
The watchtower
The watchtower
Qinglong Tang
Youlong waterfall
Ecological leisure tourism
Ecological leisure tourism
Shuanglong town in Qinba Mountain hinterland
Dragon culture pursuit Tour
Dragon culture pursuit Tour
Shuanglong is the birthplace of Bashu cultur
The original ecological tourism
The original ecological tourism
Shuanglong tourism resort scenery exquisite
Cave tourism and popular science tourism
Cave tourism and popular science tourism
The Shuanglong cave group is a highlight of
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The family of self-help travel notes
Women alone travel notes
Background of the project
Planning scope
The plan period
The planning stage of development goals
The overall layout of tourism area
The recent project construction planning
The intention of the construction planning rende
Ecological villa Shuanglong Resort Planning
The legend of Xianghe
shuanglong legend
Daqin Xicheng Ankang
Folk culture
Ankang Shuanglong internationa
Ankang Shuanglong management e
Scenic area management committ
The Mid Autumn Festival Party
"Gathering Qinglong village en
Adhere to a daily physical tra
Mandarin speech
Drive oneself swim&n
Ankang Shuanglong scenic spot
Route map
Tourism route map
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